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Kentucky Incentives for Prevention Survey

The Kentucky Incentives for Prevention (KIP) Survey has been administered in Kentucky for a number of years by individual school districts across the state through agreements with the Substance Abuse Prevention Program.

The intent of the survey is to anonymously assess student use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as a number of factors related to potential substance abuse (for example, peer influences, perception of risk, family factors, and school safety). School district and individual student participation has always been on a voluntary basis.

Originally, the KIP Survey was used as part of a federal initiative that funded state incentive grants for substance abuse prevention across the country. In our state, these pilot programs were termed the Kentucky Incentives for Prevention program (thus the name "KIP Survey").

The core items on the current KIP Survey were originally chosen by the federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), based on extensive research on risk and resilience factors associated with youth substance abuse. Additional items have been added that are specific to Kentucky. Basing the scale on the federal model enables comparisons to other states and to the nation, while at the same time making within-state comparisons. The fact that the KIP Survey has been administered for a number of years within Kentucky enables school/community comparisons over time.

The survey is now conducted bi-annually in the fall in even-numbered years, with sixth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth graders who attend school in Kentucky communities. All costs are paid by the Substance Abuse Prevention Program. Extensive efforts go into assuring the anonymity of students who fill out the brief survey, and to ensuring that no student feels coerced to participate. Parents who do not wish for their child to participate are given the opportunity through both general and specific notifications that they may do so (passive consent).

Classroom administration of the survey (including distribution, giving instructions, completing the survey, and collecting the survey) takes about 40 minutes. REACH of Louisville provided technical assistance to school districts to ensure standardization in administration and comprehensive reports of findings to school districts. The questionnaires are administered to classroom groups, sent to a service agency that scans them electronically, and then analyzed by REACH of Louisville.

School districts have some flexibility as to when to administer the survey within an approximate five-week window (October), and results are scanned, tabulated, and reported in approximately two months following administration. Results are reported only to the school district and are not released in a public report.

More than half of all Kentucky school districts (approximately 100 districts) have participated in the KIP Survey. While in the past the survey has been administered twice each year, the division has instituted a bi-annual schedule. The next administration is in the fall of 2006. The Substance Abuse Prevention Program bears the entire cost for the survey. Use the Contact Information above for questions about the survey or participation in it.

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