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Questions Related to Transitioning

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Clarify the date of submission to Carewise Health for people whose DOB and LOC end date are in the same month.
Can you please talk about the process of transitioning folks into SCL2 that currently receive the SCL enhanced rate from an ICF/IID transition (those whose funding expires in 2014 and 2015 respectively)?
Is there still a period of T2033 at enhanced rate after MFP ends?

Individuals in MFP transitioned into the Enhanced SCL rate for 1 year and then on day 366 it went to the regular rate. Will this continue with SCL2 or no longer occur?
If a client's current LOC ends 2/13/14 but the client's birthday isn't until 10/18/14, is the client's LOC extended to 10/18/14 or do we send in SCL1 information? Please advise.
If LOC date ends 2/28/14 and birthday is 3/6/14, do we have to complete SCL1 for five days, or can we submit SCL2 prior to 2/28/2014?
If a person changes case management agency and the person receives a new LOC, how does that fit into the transitioning to SCL2?
If an individual within his or her SCL2 plan is transitioning to a new case management company, does the case manager do the plan as initial or re-certification?
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