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Questions Related to Qualifications Scenarios

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Community Access Specialist

What is the scenario for a Community Access Specialist?

Supported Employment Specialist

What is the scenario for a Supported Employment Specialist?
Can a syllabus be used as a work sample, for example, if the class someone took required the person to complete work that was relevant to the credential the person was trying to obtain?
Under Option B that requires you to have 18 months of experience, can that be volunteer experience or does it need to be from a paid position? Does it need to be at one employer?
Since official transcripts come in a sealed envelope, people were asking if they will still be considered official once they open the envelope and scan them into the computer.
Where are the checks and balances regarding work samples that are submitted? How will you know at DDID that someone actually did what he or she said he or she did and wrote about in the work sample and reflective summary versus just making something up and submitting it?
If someone completed a credential and then it no longer existed, such as the Person-Centered one, would it still be recognized that the individual had the credential?
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