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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Contact Information
275 E. Main Street 4WG
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: (502) 564-4456
Fax: (502) 564-9010
Hours: Monday–Friday
8:00 am–4:30 pm ET

Crisis Lines by County
Suicide Prevention Hotline

Contact Us

Program Administrator
Michelle Niehaus
(502) 782-6181

Frequently Asked Questions

The following list of frequently asked questions was taken from the Illinois Department of Health Services and has been reproduced with permission. We thank them for allowing us to pass along this information.

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What is mental health and how do I know if a loved one or I need help?
I feel like killing myself. What do I do?
No one else seems to have the problems that I am having. Am I the only one who needs help?
If I need help, does that mean I am crazy or that I am bad?
I don't like or I am uncomfortable with the sign language interpreter that the agency has contracted with. What do I do?
What types of mental health services are available?
Where do I start? It all seems so confusing!
What if I cannot afford to pay for services?
Can I participate in (making decisions about) my treatment?
What is recovery?
Will I have to take medications?
I need to make a complaint about the services I am getting or the service that mental health agencies are supposed to provide and are not providing. What do I do?
I have more questions. Who can I contact to ask the questions I have?
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