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Questions Related to Units/Limits

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CMs are very confused about the amount of time that CCT PAs are good for.
Under Clinical, Consultative and Therapeutic Services for Behavior Supports, what if someone is getting other services? Do all services have to stay within the 160 units a year, or 160 units for each service (code)?
If all of the CCT units that have been approved are used prior to the end of the three-month PA, can the team request additional units before the three months are up?
Is the annual cap on units based upon the units that have been approved or the units that have been billed? That is, if a clinician is approved for 12 monthly units and one month only uses 4 units, can the 8 units be approved again later in the year or are they lost?
In regard to billing for Community Access Group: CA pays $8 per unit and CA Group pays $4 per unit. In the instance that two participants want to receive their CA together, would the first be billed as CA ($8) and second as CA Group ($4)? This is what we assume, but we don't see it clearly stated anywhere in the regulation.
What is the cap on allowable units for Community Access? I believe it’s only authorized for six months, but I can’t find the cap allowances.
Is there a limit of outcomes that day training has to have for approval of services?
If approved for 40 one-time units for a Functional Assessment, could the provider complete the FA as quickly as possible, say over two days working on it five hours each day (total of 40 units)?

If so, when the provider bills it, would we submit the billing for the day the FA was completed?

Since there was only one billing date of service (for the 40 units), would we only complete one progress note detailing what was accomplished during those 40 units?
What are the maximum units for SE on a weekly and/or monthly basis?
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