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Questions Related to Staff/Personnel

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How is it that all of a sudden on a Personnel Checklist it states now that providers have to do the SAM and LEIE exclusion checks. This is not in regulation, so how can something like this occur without even notifying providers, and most providers still are not even aware of this?

If this is a new requirement, although not in regulation, when is it effective? If not in regulation, how and when will providers be held responsible for something that has just appeared in a personnel checklist?

Updated personnel checklist forms indicate two additional personnel screenings not designated in regulation or the policy manual, namely the SAM and LEIE exclusion checks. Providers have not been informed how to review these nor that were they to be initiated at any time over the previous year.

The SAM exclusion check is a check for business entities and does not appear to be a check of potential staff members. What is the purpose of this and why would it need to be done for each new hire?

How do we prove that we did a SAM check since there is no printout?

Medicaid states that LEIE and SAM be checked every month for every employee and provider. Rather onerous. Is there a way to require those checks initially and 25 percent yearly like other checks?
We have had recent questions about whether applicants for employment or employees may be required to bear the cost of pre-employment background checks.
For an Ohio employee, we must obtain a Central Registry check from the state. However, state law requires that those checks only be provided to third-party agencies for adoption, foster care or for child care agencies. I have sent two requests, and the second one with a self-addressed stamped envelope, to the employee’s home and have not received it back yet.

What are our options when we have obtained an Ohio criminal check and Ohio OIG check and Ohio Nurse Aid Registry check? Do I not hire staff from Ohio and must I terminate my two Ohio employees?
Is there a time frame for new hire out-of-state background checks (case managers and employees)?
Is the training for employees under SCL2 applicable for natural supports as well?
People have had many counselors who fit into the LPCA certification and are no longer able to receive services from those clinicians not having their LPCC certification. Is there a possibility to grandfather some of those providers in?
Under SCL2, what degrees are considered to fall under Behavioral Science for hiring? Many applicants have a master's in Social Work, Special Education, and mental counseling, and a ton of experience. Are these acceptable? What other degrees qualify?
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