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According to the regulation, the Day Training monthly summary must include “an analysis of the efficacy of the service provided including recommendations and identification of additional support needs.”

Since most Day Training staff who write monthly summaries have a high school diploma or GED or neither, can you please give specifics on what reviewers will be looking for regarding this requirement.
We have encountered a lot of problems with getting doctors to write out prescriptions. Almost all have moved to e-scripts (which allows a lower liability on their part by not having their signature floating around), which has caused us a lot of problems of obtaining written-out and signed prescriptions.

Furthermore, pharmacies have been unwilling to allow us to have copies of the prescriptions as well. How is DDID moving forward with this? We are already VERY limited in the number of doctors that will see our individuals due to their insurance. We have also encountered doctors stating that this is our problem and that we should consider ourselves lucky that we see them.
Can we get a specific response on this as to what the division expects to see in a record on an annual dental exam and/or what you would consider best practice?
Could the Department please clarify what is the Summary Sheet and what elements should be present within that document?

Please discuss and clarify the expectations for the participant summary.
Can DDID clarify if this document will include aspects of what would formerly be known as the crisis plan and can it also incorporate other documents currently utilized, such as the Face Sheet and Picture requirements?

And to build on this question, wouldn't preferred items and communication and some of those items you are describing be on the new narrative form?
Our agency has been told that CM is required to sign the CPP/participant summary sheets. I thought it was up to each agency to develop their own participant summary sheet. If this is required, where is this requirement in regulations?
What paperwork do other providers need for their notebooks and charts?
Do SCL2/PDS clients have to have the same documentation as SCL2 clients? I have been told by many Case Managers that SCL2/PDS clients are not required to have physicals and dental exams. Is this true?
I understand if a participant has transferred to SCL2 with no Residential Goals, that we are only to do daily notes as outlined in the new regs. However, it asks that we document in the monthly summary how the participant is working toward outcomes, analysis of progress toward outcomes, and a projected plan to achieve the next step in achievement of an outcome. If a participant doesn't have outcomes in the POC, how do we document this correctly?
After many different free iPad apps and signing up for a trial of Microsoft 365 to utilize their Excel app, I and my colleagues have not been able to find an app that allows for full functionality of the new Focus Tool. What app is the tablet-friendly version able to be opened in?
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