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Pathways to Understanding Autism

Below are the videos "Pathways to Understanding Autism," Parts 1 through 7, and the full-length video. Start or stop a video by clicking on the video window. The videos might take a few minutes to load.

Each video's title above the video window is followed in parentheses by its length and file size. To download a video, right-click on the title, choose "Save Target As," select the folder where you wish to save the video, then click Save.

The control bar at the top of the video window will let you pause or restart the video (arrow icon at the far left), control where you are in the video (slider to the right of the play/pause icon), control the volume, or toggle full-screen mode (the four-arrows icon at the far right).

Introduction (0:34, 5.3 MB)

"Judicial Perspective" – Hon. Reed Rhorer, Kentucky Senior Judge Program (5:09, 29 MB)

"Medical Perspective" – Allen Brenzel, M.D., Pediatrician, Child and Adult Psychiatrist, DBHDID (4:02, 22.6 MB)

"Self Advocate Perspective" – Sam Gray, Self Advocate (4:31, 25.3 MB)

"Legal Perspective" – Anna Whites – Parent and Attorney (8:28, 47.3 MB)

"Educational Perspective" – Rob Pennington, PhD – Director, Kentucky Autism Training Center (2:01, 11.8 MB)

Conclusion (0:33, 4.4 MB)

Full-Length Video (25:22, 1.52 GB)

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