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Adult Targeted Case Management
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Targeted Case Management Services
for Adults With Serious Mental Illness

Through state general revenue and Medicaid funding, targeted case management services are available to adults with serious mental illness in all of Kentucky's 120 counties.

Targeted case management is defined as services that are furnished to assist adults with serious mental illness in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational or other services.

Targeted case management services are now available to several populations in Kentucky, including adults with serious mental illness, and adults with serious mental illness who have a co-occurring chronic and complex physical health disorder.

Guidance for targeted case management services for these populations can be found in 907 KAR 15:060, 907 KAR 15:065, 907 KAR 15:050, and 907 KAR 15:055 (see Related Links).

Guidance for targeted case management eligibility and training requirements can be found at 908 KAR 2:260 and through “Related Links” on this page.

DBHDID provides "wraparound" funds to Community Mental Health Centers across the state to purchase necessary items and services that are not covered by available resources but are needed to adequately serve adults with serious mental illness in the community. These funds are used for the nonrecurring cost of basic goods and services that are necessary for ensuring successful living in the community for adults with serious mental illness.

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